Pranali began her activism career during her undergraduate studies. She earned her bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. Right after graduating, she began her career with UNICEF and the Tata Institute of Social Science in Mumbai, Cord (Delhi). She completed her postgraduate studies in sociology at the University of Mumbai.
She believes that empowering the underprivileged without educating them on their dignity and rights will not advance society. She became interested in the field of education. She collaborated on an early childhood education project with Dr. Ambedkar University (Delhi) and the GRAMMANGAL organization. She was a master trainer in parenting. She has exceptional interpersonal skills and a strong desire to work in the development sector.

Dhammanand is a social work professional with a 10-year work history. He has a master's degree in social work from the Karve Institute of Pune. He has taught in pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools. He has worked extensively with the Tata Institute of Social Science in Mumbai, UNICEF, the Quality Education Support Trust (QUEST), and the GRAMMANGAL organization.
He has extensive experience in the design and delivery of educational interventions and has played key roles in the organization's programme development and implementation. He is enthusiastic about ECE and believes in the power of change.

Mr. Chandrakant is working at mumbai munciple corporation as a sanitation supervisor since last 29 yrs.He is very senior trustee from ovee trust . he has rich experienced in social sector.

Mr. Sameer is very younger member of ovee trust . He was work at magic bus foundation and Tata institute of social science mumbai .he is child friendly person. he is very enthusiastic in the field of social work.