Enriched Parenting

Enriched Parenting

“Behind every young child Who believes in himself, Is a parent Who believed it First?”


The 'Enriched Parenting' program was launched with the objective of creating to help parents understand their role in raising children with a child-centric approach. The program also aims to help parents maintain their self-respect while strengthening their relationship with their children. By experiencing the behavior and dealings of children and understanding their impact on emotional and intellectual development, parents will be able to foster a healthy and positive environment for their children to grow and flourish.


Program Goals:

  • To create awareness among parents about the impact of their behavior and dealings on the emotional and intellectual development of their children.
  • To provide parents with the necessary tools and resources to build and maintain a strong and positive relationship with their child.

Program Activities:

  • Conduct workshops for parents to educate them about child development and the role of parents in promoting healthy development.

  • Facilitate interactive sessions between parents and children to promote effective communication and understanding.

  • Provide counseling and support services to parents to address any specific concerns they may have about their relationship with their child.

  • To empower parents to maintain their self-respect while strengthening their relationship with their child.

This program is suitable for parents who have children of any age, as well as for those who plan to become parents in the future. Additionally, this program is beneficial for anyone who wants to understand child development and how to interact with children in a positive way.To date, 2000 parents from Maharashtra have participated spontaneously in this program.