Balnagari is a cheerful learning space for children from deprived communities. Here, they have the opportunity to explore themselves and experience respect, dignity, acceptance, love, and joy. Our focus lies in nurturing their holistic development by building skills in education, life skills, arts, play exposure, digital literacy, and 21st-century skills. Balnagari is their own safe place where they get the environment they need for both education and a happy childhood. We believe in providing them with the tools and support necessary to flourish, ensuring they are equipped for success in both their personal and academic lives, and become responsible citizens.

Currently, we operate the 'Balnagari Learning Center' in Dhangarwadi, a quaint hamlet nestled within the Mendhala village of Yavatmal district, since July 2020. The residents of Dhangarwadi are predominantly from the Dhangar community, known as the shepherds, who sustain themselves through the traditional occupation of sheep and goat rearing. Under this initiative, we are actively engaged with a total of 95 children from this nomadic tribe community.


  1. Providing a Safe and Secure Environment: Balnagari in action provides a safe and secure environment for children where they can explore their interests and express themselves freely without any fear of judgment. The space will be designed to provide children with a sense of ownership and belonging.

  2. Addressing Educational Inequality: Balnagari aims to address the educational inequality prevalent in our society by providing access to quality education and learning opportunities for children who are otherwise marginalized and mainstreaming them into education.

  3. Enriching Childhood: Balnagari aims to provide a space for children where they can experience a happy childhood and make memories that they can cherish for a lifetime.