Balnagari is a space of growth and learning for children located in their own community that aims to address the educational inequality prevalent in our society. The space is designed to provide children with an environment of holistic self-development that ensures self-expression, addresses curiosity, and provides dignity to individuals. Children feel ownership, acceptance, and dignity, to enrich themselves to understand their-selves better.

Ovee trust has been operating the 'Balnagari Learning Center' at Dhangarwadi, a small hamlet in the Mendhala village, of Yavatmal district, since July 2020. The people in Dhangarwadi belong to the Dhangar community (the shepherds) and rely on the traditional occupation of sheep and goat rearing for livelihood and sustenance. To secure this, they constantly travel through the forests, farms, and village settlements. The community is constantly on the go and rarely stays in the same place for long periods. As a result of their occupation, they are compelled to migrate along with their children. This results in the exclusion of children from mainstream education.



  1. Providing a Safe and Secure Environment: Balnagari in action provides a safe and secure environment for children where they can explore their interests and express themselves freely without any fear of judgment. The space will be designed to provide children with a sense of ownership and belonging.

  2. Addressing Educational Inequality: Balnagari aims to address the educational inequality prevalent in our society by providing access to quality education and learning opportunities for children who are otherwise marginalized and mainstreaming them into education.

  3. Enriching Childhood: Balnagari aims to provide a space for children where they can experience a happy childhood and make memories that they can cherish for a lifetime.


Through the 'Balnagari' initiative, we provide opportunities for children between 3 to 14 years of age to learn new skills in a student-friendly environment. The emphasis is on making children school-ready. We establish a conducive environment that encourages these youngsters to enroll and succeed in school, further developing their social abilities and skills. Balnagari does not have functional classroom space. It is an open school in a way. Under these conditions, the task of imparting experience-based, level-wise, action-oriented education is done through small and large groups. We are currently working with a total of  95 children under this initiative.