Ovee EduLead Fellowship

Ovee EduLead Fellowship

The Ovee Fellowship is a transformative 2-year program dedicated to cultivating visionary leaders who are deeply committed to closing the gap of educational inequity and promoting a joy-filled childhood for all. Through immersive teaching experiences in both community and school settings, fellows will actively contribute to the creation of positive educational environments while working to dismantle barriers to learning. With a passionate dedication to achieving educational equity, fellows will champion inclusivity, by fostering a culture of compassion and equity, Ovee Fellows will inspire future generations to build a more just and inclusive world."

Theory of Change:

Short term-

Fellows will engage in teaching roles within both schools and community centres, fostering a deeper understanding of deprived community challenges while actively addressing educational disparities through comprehensive training and professional practice."

Long term- 

These fellows have the capacity to serve as leaders within communities or villages, whether as educators directly impacting education or shaping policies, while also contributing to teams dedicated to improving the well-being and education of deprived communities."