Mukta Empowering women for Change

Mukta Empowering women for Change

Mukta, an initiative of the Ovee Trust, is a comprehensive women empowerment program designed to uplift and empower women from diverse backgrounds. Through a holistic approach, Mukta aims to enhance women's skills, leadership abilities, and awareness of their rights, fostering their personal and professional development. 

Mukta is not just a program; it is a movement towards a brighter, more empowered future for women everywhere.

Education and Skill Enhancement: Mukta focuses on providing education and skill development opportunities to women, equipping them with the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in various fields.

Leadership Empowerment: The program aims to nurture leadership qualities among women, enabling them to become influential leaders in their communities and beyond.

Awareness and Advocacy: Mukta seeks to raise awareness about women's rights, gender equality, and overall development, empowering women to advocate for themselves and others.

Opportunities for Development: Mukta creates platforms and opportunities for women to explore avenues for personal and professional growth, including entrepreneurship, career advancement, and self-improvement initiatives.